Meet Mark

Mark Plaisance

Mark is known for handling numerous high-profile and complicated appeals  - an area of practice that requiring unique skills not often associated with the typical trial lawyer.

Licensed in Louisiana since1994, Mark has dedicated the greater part of his legal career to representing clients before various state and federal appellate courts. Additionally, Mark served for six years as Baker City Court Judge, enjoying the distinction of never having a decision reversed by a higher court.

Not just experience, but the right experience.

Deconstructing legal theory and writing logical and clear briefs requires a dedicated practice. Mark's first career in journalism provided him a great foundation. Success as a reporter, editor, and publisher is a matter of gathering facts and screening for truth with the goal of communicating a message that can be understood. Also is the ability to handle volumes of information. With appellate records ranging in size from one volume to often more than a dozen, it is critical that the appellate attorney have the ability to hone in to the important information quickly and then produce a brief is clear and concise, a brief where clarity is key.